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Free Webinar: Food & Mood

November 28, 2016


Free Registration: Tuesday, November 29th @ Noon ET (9AM PT)


Reach for sweet or salty when stressed?

Want to be more happy and positive?


Wonder if foods are impacting your feelings?


Concerned you're becoming a real Grouch or Grinch?


Our brain is smart enough to know that having something sweet will be pleasurable and can take you away from boredom, unhappiness, and stress in an instant. Unfortunately that joyful sugar-based oasis disappears after a few minutes and we end up feeling worse then we started. Now you can use the power of food to uplift and manage your mood every day!


This 30-minute webinar will help you:

1. Discover what four hormones boost your mood
2. Identify what foods create emotional balance
3. Explore cravings - where they come from and how to overcome
4. Learn what foods provide resilience against chronic stress



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