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Workplace Immune Boosters

November 2, 2016




Cough, cough, *sneeze*


Cough, cough, *sneeze*


Cough, cough, *sneeze*


Flu will...flu will...rock you!


Flu will...flu will...rock you...rock you!


Do you get sick every winter?


Scared to miss time at work because of illness?


Want extra protection when surrounded with germs at the workplace or home?


We usually never think about our immune system until it is too late! The key to the healthiest fall and winter season is preventing your internal armor from giving out.


Cold and flu season falls right smack in the middle of the holidays and is characterized by cold temperatures, less physical activity, less sunlight, less sleep, more sugar, more alcohol, more stress, and each one of these factors is another chink in your immune armor.


In our article you will be introduced to the 7 S's for Natural Immune Boosting!

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