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Master Workday Energy

August 1, 2016

 Three 8-ounces cups of coffee and a half of pound of sugar per day is what the average American is consuming! Why? Besides being addictive and delicious both of these substances give out instant energy and boy are we in an energy deficit. The majority of professionals are sick and tired and since they don't even have the energy necessary to make the changes in their life to get at the root cause of their fatigue they turn to quick fixes. These stimulant band-aids give fake energy, create dependencies, disconnect us from our body's signal exacerbate lifestyle mismanagement,  deplete the body of energy-generating resources, and allow professionals to push beyond the limits of the body and mind. Combined this all leads to the fattest, sickest, least engaged, most depressed and most exhausted workforce ever. There has got to be another way!


There are actually 5 Ways to Master Managing Workday them here.

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