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Yoga Poses for Office Workers

July 1, 2016



Ancient yogis used the physical postures and poses of yoga for two reasons:

  1. Relieve aches and pains of long seated meditation sessions

  2. Calm and quiet the mind for accessing intuition during meditation sessions

Today's office workers need the same exact benefits that the ancient yogis were reaping with yoga, but because of hours working instead of meditating. Look how bad our office workers need some yoga:

  • 80% will experience back pain sometime during their lifetime

  • 60% will experience a slow-healing, repetitive injury due to their office job

  • Upward of 90% of all primary care visits are from stress related symptoms

  • Over 70% report physical or psychological symptoms of stress

To get you started we are sharing 8 Beginner Yoga Poses for Office Workers and 5 of them are laying on your nice are we?!


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