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Sugar is Sabotaging Work

March 7, 2016

 How Sugar is Sabotaging Your Work
By Lance Breger, Executive Wellness Coach &
CEO of Infinity Wellness Partners


 Like R&B singer Lauryn Hill once sang, ‘the sweetest thing I have ever know, was like the kiss upon the collarbone’… that was of course, until I came across a corporate office and millions of Hersey kisses. After visiting offices around the country, I can honestly say that today’s professionals are working in a real-life Candyland board game! No matter how hard you try to stay on the path you get caught daily in the Lollipop Woods, Peppermint Forest, Molasses Swamp, Gumdrop Mountains, Ice Cream Sea, or Candy Castle (aka your candy bowl, jar, or drawer).

You might wonder just how sweet are Corporate America’s teeth? Well, the average adult eats ½ pound of sugar every day or roughly 250 grams of sugar. To put that into context a teaspoon and sugar cube are both 5 grams. To make this matter fatter, every gram of sugar/carbohydrate equals 4 calories so the average individual is eating 1,000 calories of sugar per day! In 2011, the average professional was consuming 170 pounds of sugar per year…that means the average person is eating a life-sized and weighted gummy version of me! Holy addiction, Batman. Watch out sugar is everywhere and is even hiding in ingredient lists under 56 different names!

 I personally think our massive sugar consumption is one of the most underrated threats to today’s business bottom lines and waistlines around the world. But how could something so delicious be so detrimental to our productivity and health? Let’s unwrap the 11 ways of How Sugar is Sabotaging Your Work:



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