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We transform office life by creating a positive culture around wellness that drives healthy, tangible change to your company or organization. 

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what they had to say

"What started five years ago as a weekly fitness class to improve employee morale has transformed into a robust wellness program in which more than 90% of our staff actively participate. The long-term partnership with IWP has been pivotal in focusing on wellness as more than a workplace benefit.  It has become an organizational core value."

"To introduce myself, I manage Hunton & Williams’ wellness programs, and I coordinated the webinars for all of our office locations. In several of our larger offices, we provided a conference room for viewing the webinars. In Richmond alone, we had attendance near 150. The response was overwhelming.  I’ve been doing this for 16 years at Hunton & Williams and these webinars, by far, were the best received of any we have ever done.  I had more than 50 emails telling me how much they appreciated our offering this."

"Infinity was able to provide guidance, insight and a list of options to help make our vision a reality. Our program was built from the ground up with quarterly sessions based on learning/education, motivation and action, and challenge. Infinity had the personal touch that I’m not sure I would have found with other wellness groups."

"We have had several healthy eating, ergonomics and stress management seminars at work which also have done wonders for how we approach wellness. I’ve learned so much over the past year, and I am so excited that my company will continue to bring Infinity Wellness into our office and into our lives!" 

"Infinity Wellness helped our team of lawyers understand key wellness concepts for daily performance, and provided real-world techniques for maintaining work-life balance even in demanding times." 

"We’ve been fortunate enough to really build personal relationships with the Infinity Wellness trainers and coaches, and I feel like they have a personal investment to see each one of us succeed."

"Infinity Wellness provided me with tools to help cope with a sedentary work lifestyle in ways to better my health. The tools are holistic in nature, encompassing diet, exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques that require little or no equipment or cost. The Infinity Wellness sessions are well worth the time spent during a busy day." 

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