Sitting at a desk can negatively change your body over time, it's true!  It seems so safe, to be sitting in a chair, typing away on your keyboard or talking on the phone. The simple facts are, our posture is changing and muscles adapt as we sit and work at our desks for hours. Upwards of 60% of all workers will experience a painful, slow-healing repetitive stress injury related to their desk job.

How to Avoid Office Body

30-Second Pain Reducing Stretches

Express Desk Makeovers (15-Min.)

Knee & Lower Back Pain Solutions

Running Performance Clinic

Full Body Injury Screening

Infinity Wellness Ergonomics workshops will help you avoid being a statistic while improving your productivity, concentration, and posture. It’s important to shine a light on what hours of poor body alignment and inappropriately fitted chairs, desks and computer equipment does to your team.


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