About US

It's for the kids.

Our story began in 2008 as a local, nonprofit charitable organization, Infinity Wellness Foundation. We were dedicated to preparing children for lifelong health by teaching them how to breath correctly, eat nutritionally, and to move and stretch daily.


The next opportunity to make an impact was through corporate wellness programs. With the creation of WorkLIFE, we were able to provide on-site and online offerings, having eliminated the time, cost, availability, and accessibility barriers that most professionals had to overcome.

What is WorkLIFE?

WorkLIFE is our comprehensive wellness program created around each client’s unique corporate structure. WorkLIFE best prepares professionals for a balanced, productive and healthy work life. Your staff's annual wellness program will consist of online and on-site offerings. Cultural and economic impacts are addressed through our program, greatly improving productivity, all while saving your company unnecessary medical costs.

Our WorkLIFE wellness areas.


WorkLIFE is built around consistent reinforcement through daily, weekly and monthly touch points each quarter. Your annual program may consist of online, on-site or a combination of services, each providing the practice needed to affect change.  

The new normal.

The majority of an employee's time is spent at the workplace. IWP has developed WorkLIFE Wellness programs together with hundreds of companies across the country.

Our goal is to set a new standard across the corporate landscape - making wellness a daily priority.

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